How to Use Linear Lighting in Your Home

How to Use Linear Lighting in Your Home - Mamma Mia's Closet

How to Use Linear Lighting in Your Home

Linear lighting refers to lighting sources arranged in a straight line. Although chandelier lighting isn’t the only option for linear lighting, it is a trendy and convenient way to incorporate linear lighting into your home that doesn’t involve extensive rewiring or modifications to your ceiling.

The term linear lighting may conjure up images of sleek, modern ceiling lighting designs. Still, linear lighting comes in many forms and styles, so you don’t have to completely redesign your home to be able to implement linear lighting.

The Versatility of Linear Lighting

Linear lighting is ideal for helping to illuminate walls, rooms, and hallways. Because many designs and decorating trends follow linear geometric patterns, linear lighting is an ideal type of illumination for many spaces in your home.

Where You Should Use Linear Lighting

There are no limitations as to where you can use linear lighting. Typically, you’ll require enough ceiling space for the chandelier or other fixture you’re considering installing. Here are a few linear lighting trends we’ve been noticing in home design:

Dining Rooms – Place a linear chandelier directly over a rectangular dining room table to illuminate the entire length.

Kitchen Islands – You have a few options for kitchen islands. Install the fixture directly above or between the island and the kitchen counters to illuminate food prep and dining.


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